Apply to BecomeChange with Tommy Davidovic

Nyhet 8 nov 2016 Skrivet av: Jenny Sandberg

For the first time, Drivhuset and Tommy Davidovic are launching BecomeChange for entrepreneurs that not only wants to develope their business, but also become a force of change in the world. Apply to BecomeChange and get the chance to be coached by Tommy Davidovic.

Tommy Davidovic is an expert in human behavior and change. As a coach, mental trainer and speaker, he has helped countless people reach goals, find purpose and see their true potential fulfilled. BecomeChange is a 1 year* commitment to your future self. A commitment that will let you conquer your fears, doubts and insecurities so you can emerge brave, confident and equipped to tackle all those challenges bound to cross your way through life.

*1-2 coaching session each mouth. Program will be custom made to fit your needs.

Deadline for applying is

12th of December

Send in your answers to

1. What is your business about? 
2. Why did you choose to do that?
3. How will you and what you do make the world a better place?
4. Why are you applying for BecomeChange?

Make sure to think through your answers, the most compelling applicants will be invited for a personal meeting after which one will be selected to BecomeChange