Summeraccelerator 2017

Kalender 12 juni 2017 - 09:00 till 21 juli 2017 - 17:00 Malmö högskola

Let's meet in this summer will be epic. 

Together we will be spending the days creating our future, thinking of how we can get a little bit closer to our goal, working on and delevloping our business idea and asking ourselves questions such as why we do what we do and who we want to become.

This is an accelerator where entrepreneurs work together(100%), help each other and meet new cool people that really know what they are talking about. This accelerator offers free office space and business advice.

Malmö högskola

12 June- 21 July 2017

Around 20 people will be selected

- Able to work with your idea at least 30 hours per week
- Have a business idea or a company
- You are a student


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