Kalender 14 november 2018 - 16:00 till 19:30 Black Coffee

Far to little use is made of creative students in generating business and innovation power. We want to change that! 

In Nutcracker, as a student you can play an important part in creating added value for both the university and local businesses in terms of innovation. Nutcracker provides the foundation for you to become a fully fledge open innovation professional. 

Nutcracker is a workshop where you, together with other students, discuss and create new innovative solutions. This is a concept where you as a student can network and use your creative side in order to make innovative ideas and solutions that companies can implement in their organizations. Here you have a chance to make a real difference! Nutcracker gives you skills in developing innovations and you participation will grant you diploma that confirm this new set of skills. We provide food and coffee from Balck Coffee. Make sure to bring a laptop.

Next time will be during Global Entrepreneurship Week and the participating companies are Kalmar Energi and Infomaker Scandinavia. You will also have the opportunity to meet and listen to Olle Sandberg, of of the creators of Corlin Eyewear, a company built by two students from Linneaus University in Kalmar. He will introduce the event by speaking about their entrepreneurial journey towards their own company. 

Time: 4.30pm- 19.30 pm 

Place: Balck Coffee


Note! Signing up for the event is binding! Both of respect for the companies and because of food that will be preordered to cover the exact amount number of participants.